María Fernanda Pacheco is President of the Unidad Patronato Municipal San José of the Mayor’s Office of Quito (Ecuador) since 2014, where she has led high impact projects aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that have benefitted over 76,000 low-income citizens. He has also led the creation of a directorate of citizen initiatives that channels public-private partnerships with social impact and a gender unit that led the creation of the “Stop harassment” platform in the city´s transport system. This initiative has promoted the inclusion of gender considerations in the design of Quito’s public transport system as well as technological innovations to reduce gender-based violence aboard public trains and buses. As a result, the initiative was included in the Top 20 Technological Innovations ranking of the World Economic Forum. María Fernanda is an industrial engineer from the Catholic University of Caracas (Venezuela) and has a master’s degree in Art History from the Universidad Iberoamericana of Mexico.